Media Services

Planning & Buying

We bring methodology and rigor from the programmatic world to linear media.

Results driven, end-to-end media with a focus on business outcomes, not out-of-date media metrics.

Our planning approach focusses on the addressable market, not a broad buying demographic that confuses the real task at hand.


Although we are a boutique agency our capabilities match the large holding groups. We have the full capabilities of a trade desk, providing our clients with planning and delivery of high-performance programmatic media.

Our programmatic offering is provided within the media contract therefore there are no additional, hidden or non-disclosed fees.

Attribution & Optimisation

Our attribution service provides you with same-day performance attribution that is linked to your CRM to determine your true ROI for both linear and digital channels.

To determine where your highest value customers are coming from, thereafter optimise your media budget, ensuring every dollar invested is driving business success.

Paid & Organic Search

SEM is a core pillar within our media offering, where we integrate our PPC into our programmatic activity to ensure there is no duplication of audiences.

SEO is an imperative media tactic and will be implemented by your team if your website is not achieving maximum exposure within your search vertical.

Technology Services

B2C Platform Development

We develop consumer facing software that spans web, applications, voice, bots and rich creative with inexpensive, guaranteed quality.

The development method combines engaging, utility-based interaction that compliments your physical and communication touch-points.

And we’ll never ditch you at deployment. Our partnerships are lengthy and fruitful – we’re with you every step of the way.


By 2020 the UX with be the number 1 determining factor for a brands success, customers need a positive experience.

Our unique approach combines qualitative and quantitative research to determine how your experiences should be shaped, putting rigor behind our methodology.

With industry leading, platform agnostic, Australian-based designers we are with you every step of the way.

App Performance Audit & Analytics

Apps generate dense, often untapped, data stacks which means hundreds actionable insights are lost.

Our mobile analytics experts integrate appropriate analytics software, so you can track, segment and leverage your most valuable audiences.

Analytics allow for data-driven decisions that improve your in-app experience and engagement marketing.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Implementing DCO is the final piece required to deliver to the right person with the right message at the right time.

A fluid approach to both creative development and media bookings is required to execute DCO effectively which is why most major agencies struggle to deliver this effectively.

Avenue C have core capabilities in utilising global leading DCO technology such as Sizmek, Celtra and Flashtalking.